Think Virtual [internet]

Allow Arrow to create or redesign an attractive website customized for your business. The interactive qualities of a well designed website will help you meet your organization’s expectations because visitors will easily determine that your services meet their needs and why they should do business with you. Video and audio streaming as well as optimizing graphics for an easy–to–navigate interface with web pages that load fast and are multi browser compatible are Arrow specialties. We’ll help you develop a site that will be found through the search engines. We offer an assortment of tools to help you get your web address out to those whom you want to attract to your site. Learn more about the importance of coordinated, integrated communications. Arrow customer support is prompt and personal.


Arrow Web Development Process

  1. Determine the goals of the website
  2. Identify the audience and target market
  3. Brainstorm about the look and the content
    • text
    • photos and illustrations
    • audio and video
    • graphic style and color
    • shopping cart and payment capabilities
    • forms
    • teaching tools
    • interactive links
    • sales rep and retail locator
    • map
  4. Create a draft layout for your critique
  5. Revise the content and style until it meets your approval
  6. Develop the layout into a working site
  7. Test the site on several browsers
  8. Upload your working website as a proof for you to review online
  9. Explain management options available to you
  10. Train you to manage content if you choose to
  11. Upon your approval, make the site live to the public
  12. Maintain your website as you request