Direct Mail

Mail postcards, letters, brochures and more with targeted mailing lists.

Arrow can help you effectively target your customers with direct mail. Make a lasting impression with your existing customers, create awareness for new customers and reinforce your marketing efforts by sending direct mail. Customers respond to mail that speaks to their interests and needs. Let Arrow help find some of your best customers by profiling and searching through our licensed databases to create targeted mailing lists. More prospects mean more business. With better mailing lists, you keep postage costs down with less waste.

  • Present customers a chance to learn about your business
  • Build up interest in your new product or service
  • Bring about sales and orders
  • Drive traffic to your store or website
  • Enrich long–term relationships
  • Brand recognition

Follow these easy steps with Arrow’s help:

  1. Build or buy a mailing list
  2. Choose postcards, letters, and/or brochures
  3. Discuss design ideas
  4. Develop your message
  5. Print your mail piece
  6. Mail your postcards, letters, and/or brochures

Trust Arrow Printing for experience and up-to-date knowledge of current U.S. Postal Service requirements. A few of the benefits of direct mail are:

  • Name recognition, access and relevance.
  • Effective means to elicit an active response.
  • Ability to direct to target audience.
  • Communicate in multiple languages.
  • Printed items and catalogs provide a solid boost to your online traffic and sales.
  • Tangible quality of customers’ personal connection to the mail they receive.
  • Direct mail can support your other media campaigns.
  • By integrating both direct mail and the internet into your marketing mix, you command the attention of your target audience.

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