It’s been said that a great designer is someone who understands human beings and what they really want, need and will use.

At Arrow, we’re hardly timid. Ideas flow through our blood. We take on the toughest communications’ challenges and meet them with compelling and provocative graphic solutions. Everything we do is completely well–thought–out. We’ve been known to push creativity to a level that exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Arrow clients receive turnkey service; from preliminary concept to design to fulfillment, resulting in cohesive, intelligent and powerful marketing strategies. The experienced Arrow team provides clients with a depth of knowledge, unsurpassed graphic design, marketing and advertising services.

Every business has its own agenda, and Arrow knows this—that is why we work with you to meet your needs while not exceeding your limits. We will work together to decide what is the best arrangement for your business, and help you to build or enhance your identity. We combine function with just the right amount of flash and we focus on this philosophy so that the goal of the work is reached. We want to satisfy your business needs and create a productive piece of work.


Get graphic design at Arrow for layout of any print or internet project you want–from small to large. An artistic eye and creative vision will provide the best combination of color, typography and graphic elements.

Illustration / Photo Collage

Technical or whimsical, the project defines the style… the Arrow artist provides the solution. Creativity is successful when an image, often without words, helps someone visually understand a concept, piques curiosity and prompts action. The concept might be an intangible act of working together to connect ideas and resolve problems, or the concept of a company doing business worldwide. Also, a tangible concept may be portrayed regarding a manufacturer’s ability to provide numerous products or illustrate how a machine works. Photomontage (or photocollage) is the process and result of making a composite image by cutting, joining and blending a number of other photographs (or illustrations, textures and colors) with the use of image-editing software. This technique is referred to as “compositing” and casually, is often called “photoshopping”. Another interesting illustrative method is called photomosaic, which is a picture that has been divided into sections, each of which is replaced with another photograph that matches the target photo’s color and shape. Arrow can create illustrations which are visually stimulating and reaction motivating with these technically-artistic methods. They are effective in promoting products and services because people crave artwork that is fascinating, attractive, makes them think and touches them emotionally. They need something with an inviting, big impact to captivate them and elicit action to read further or make that call.

Logo Design

You want a professional look that represents your business and stands out in a crowded newspaper, magazine, phone book, street, printed literature, website… the list goes on. Your logo is everywhere from your business card to your coffee mugs. Never overlook the importance of a well designed brand identity. Call Arrow for creative logos that look excellent in all applications.

Website Design

Find more information here about the Arrow Web Development Process and a worksheet to help you get started.

Package Design

CDs to clothing to whatever product for which you need a package… talk to Arrow’s creative professionals for ideas on how your package might look. A package is part of your corporate identity. Never underestimate the importance or selling power of a package.

Inspiration to Grow and Keep your Business Communications Up-to-Speed

Sometimes you just need some inspiration on how to make your business grow or maintain a stable position in your market. Arrow is not only about printing. Our staff is experienced in so many aspects of helping businesses—advertising, photography, graphic design and even advice on what type of software will serve your needs. We seek to educate our customers on technological trends and capabilities and provide them with solutions to problems and production objectives. We stay current with computer software and hardware to meet our customers changing needs. We’ll be happy to talk to you about what’s on your mind.

Custom Job

If you don’t see the type of job you have in mind listed on our website, don’t lose hope. We do so much custom type work that it would be impossible to mention everything. We’d be happy to discuss a custom job with you.

Call us at: 785.825.8124, click or visit us at 115 West Woodland, Salina, Kansas.

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